9001:2015 Timeline

The timeline for the implementation of ISO 9001: 2015 can answer many questions and concerns about the process and what to expect in the future. There are two phases in the release and implementation of the new standard.

Phase One

June 2013 Issue Committee Draft

April 2014 Draft International Standard (DIS)

October/November 2014 Final Draft

Phase Two

September 2015 Publish International Standard 9001: 2015

March 2017 is the end for ISO 9001: 2008

September 2018 all ISO 9001: 2008 will have transitioned over to the 2015 edition.

On Time

The two phases are not completely set in stone, meaning if the final draft is published in December 2014 the full transition will not happen until December of 2018. The final draft publication date changes the transition date.

There has been plenty of speculation whether the final draft is going to be published in a few weeks from today, or the several states and organizations that do not like the revised standard are going to lengthen the date for the final publish. Either way, if the dates change so does the full transition.

Transition Audits

Registrars will need to have their clients audited before the date of a full transition to the new standard. Specifically each registrar will have a cut-off date of when clients need to have their transition audit done, most likely given the timeline that will be in April or May of 2018.
An audit that normally happens in June annually will happen in June 2018 for a transition. It only takes roughly ninety days for the transition to be put into effect.
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We at K & S Quality Associates strive to bring understanding about the changes in the new ISO revision. This series of blogs will be focused on some of the common questions asked of the new revision. If you are need of an audit or other information on any of the standard please email contact@qualityassociates.com.

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