AS9100:2016, AS9100 Rev. D Revision - Helpful Hints to Prepare

AS9100:2016, AS9100 Rev. D REVISION


There has just been some exciting news announced regarding the Aerospace Standard AS9100. Authorities have called for major renovation in order to keep it updated and aligned with the ISO 9001 standard. The reason for this is because the AS9100 has always been maintained according to the standards of ISO 9001, calling for a face-lift of the old.

The newly renovated and revised AS9100 from Rev. C to AS9100 Rev. D can expect to be released during the second quarter of 2016. This allows for a smaller gap between the release dates of ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 so that there is a shorter time period for organizations to transition to the newly released standard.

The new aerospace standards will have the same deadline to transition to the newest version of the AS9100 Rev. D, AS9120:2016, AS9110:2016 standards, just as the ISO 9001:2015 standards which will be in the fall of 2018. The AS standards are being released about 8 months after the ISO 9001:2015 standard, shortening the time period from the usual three years to just over two years. Companies now have less time to do this transition and the reason for this is based on the assumption that the aerospace standards will be published in April of 2016. If the deadline is not met, however, this will cause the transition period to be even shorter, and companies will have even less time to complete the necessary transition.
It should be noted that an aerospace company should not transition any aspect or process of their quality system to the ISO 9001:2015 requirements before the release of AS91XX. If this transition has to be done there is a word of caution that should be taken note of. The new ISO 9001:2015 has the ability to change or totally eliminate some of the requirements of the current AS9100 version. This means that if you change your system over to ISO 9001:2015 before the release of the AS9100:2016, you may be causing violation of your system in terms of AS9100 Rev. C.

It is recommended that your system does not undergo any changes until the release of the new standard in 2016. Your system will have to undergo a successful audit in order for it to be confirmed that you may change your system in a safe manner without running the risk of losing or changing any elements.

The AS9100 Rev. D is still undergoing changes and is still in the draft stages so it is still unclear of what to expect. What people do know is that it will mirror the ten-clause format of ISO 9001:2015. There will also be upgrades and advancements in the following areas: product safety, human factors, risk, preventative action, counterfeit parts, configuration management, product and process realization and quality and production planning, post-delivery support, project management, design development, supplier management, quality manual, and management representative.

These standards are currently working their way through various committees and once they have been finalized, they will continue to undergo major changes. keep up to date by visiting our AS9100 page or the IAQG page for the latest news. You should be aware of the quality of your system and how any major changes would affect it.

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