AS9100 Rev. D Delayed

AS9100 2016 / AS9100 Rev. D Delayed

AS9100 2016 Delayed

As you may already know the deadline for release has passed and the AS9100 2016 / AS9100 Rev. D delayed.  International Aerospace Quality Groups (IAQG) (See Presentation from IAQG) had hopes for all the AS91XX standards to be published throughout all of the world by April 2016.  The required training (online) for Aerospace Auditors was to be available around August.  OASIS (Next Gen) update with the next revision around October and the final step of certifying to the new AS91XX series of standards by 4th Quarter of 2016.

The latest news from IAQG on the release that the delay was due to the desire to release the standard worldwide.  This desire requires all translating of the documents to the various languages in Europe prior to release.

The various groups involved in the process have began to try and develop a plan to recover the schedule.  Here is what we know about the new timeline.

  • AS9100 2016 delayed release till September 2016
  • AS9110 2016 delayed release till November 2016
  • AS9120 2016 delayed release till December 2016
  • The original timeline for new certifications will remain with the June 1st 2017 date.  All new certification audits after June 1st, 2017 will be performed to the new version of AS9100:2016, AS9110:2016 or AS9120:2016.
  • Currently certified companies shall complete their transition  audit by June 15th, 2018.  This will also allow organizations the time necessary to close any Non-Conformance closure and entered into OASIS prior to the 15 Sept. 2018 deadline.
  • All companies not up-graded  to the new standard(s) by September 15th, 2018 will have their certifications revoked.

With these dates most CB’s will not provide audits to the AS series of standards till Q42016-Q12017.  This gives currently certified companies a year and six months to transition, which is not much time.   This is 20 months less time for preparing and implementing than the ISO9001:2015 companies are given.

What To Do About The RISKS?

Taking all into consideration, all Aerospace companies should make it a priority to transition in 2017.  Whether it is your re-certification and/or surveillance audit you will avoid the the last minute 2018 crunch.  The upgrade to the new version of the standard will require more audit days for not only the re-assessment or surveillance audit of your existing system, but also the additional requirements of the AS9100 2016 delay.

History tends to repeat itself and we will continue to see worldwide shortage of qualified auditors.  This will make this transition even more of a concern if you wait to the last minute.

All of these combinations are going to put many organizations at risk of not re-certifying by June 2018.

We at K&S are here to help (Contact K&S).  We were here to help hundreds of companies during the last transition  and are here to help you mitigate your risks.

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