AS9100 – Quality Associates

The newest version, AS9100:2009 Revison C or AS9100c was revised to incorporate the requirements of ISO9001:2008, industry requirements, new definitions and additional requirements as a result of stakeholder needs. For additional information about the new requirements of AS9100:2009 Revision C

Additional changes to the way your organization will be audited both internally and by the certification bodies. The new AS9101 checklist is primarily focused on process based audits and the evaluation of whether the process is effective or not. K&S has developed tools (process based audit checklists) to assist organizations to comply with the AS9101 requirements to perform process based audits. The checklist are FREE to download and will help you to get started with complying with these new requirement.

K&S Quality Associates

Developing an AS9100d QMS can be very time consuming, whether you already have AS9100 Certification or you are upgrading to the AS9100:2016 Revision D or seeking AS9100 certification for the first time. K&S AS9100 Consultants makes this task of developing AS9100d achievable in less time and money. With experienced AS9100 consultants and Aerospace experts we know what it takes to achieve certification. K&S, AS9100 Consulting California with an experience of over 15 years, have built a remarkable reputation that is unsurpassed.

  • Implementation/Consulting Organizations leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. K&S AS9100 consultants are Certified Aerospace Experienced Auditor (AEA) listed in the IAQG OASIS Database or have all been trained by an AEA. Our Associates will perform regular on-site work at your facility to implement the standard right the first time with our AS9100 Consulting Services and implementation service.
  • AS9100 audit training To maintain AS9100 Certification requires regular internal audits to ensure that the system remains effective. K&S can perform the internal audit for your organization. This the recommended route especially the first year to guarantee certification and ensure that you are getting Subject Matter Experts (SME) on the audit process. The other option is our Aerospace Experts can train your personnel on effective auditing techniques through our AS9100 Audit Training. We guarantee all working including the documentation and certification. If you have any findings, we will assist at no additional charge to correct any findings until your achieve certification.