How To Get ISO 9001 Certification

Before we start talking about how an organization can get the ISO 9001 certification, it’s important to first inform you what the certification is all about and its importance to your organization. What is ISO 9001 ISO 9001 benefits your institution or organization significantly in terms of proper management skill and quality service administration. With […]

Looking For ISO 9001 Consultant

ISO 9001 certification is essential for the success of any business. For example customers and venture partners will opt for a company with a high-quality management system. A professional ISO 9001 Consultant will guide you on how to present the prospects of your organization to your employees in a manner that will motivate them. An […]

AS9100 Certification Process

The AS9100 is a type of quality management system that is widely adopted and standardized for the Aviation, Space and Defense industry. The initial release was done in October 1999 by the European Association of Aerospace Industries and Society of Automotive Engineers. The AS9100 replaced the earlier version AS9000 and now incorporates the current ISO […]

Is an ISO 9001 Important?

Organizations are constantly on the lookout for ways of improving operations around the workplace for better performance. Whether its cost cutting or the introduction of better risk management techniques, employers always love to see an improvement in their operations. ISO 9001 is the global quality framework used by organizations in Quality Management Systems (QMS). It […]

AS9100 Rev. D Delayed

AS9100 2016 / AS9100 Rev. D Delayed

AS9100 2016 Delayed As you may already know the deadline for release has passed and the AS9100 2016 / AS9100 Rev. D delayed.  International Aerospace Quality Groups (IAQG) (See Presentation from IAQG) had hopes for all the AS91XX standards to be published throughout all of the world by April 2016.  The required training (online) for […]

Informative ISO9001 2015 Transition Guide

Informative ISO9001 2015 Transition Guide

Informative ISO9001 2015 Transition Guide:  Quality management is absolutely everything when it comes to running and understanding a business that holds value. As of 2015, there is an international standard that’s changing the game for Quality Management Systems. The previous version of this quality management system is the ISO 9001:2008, which was updated last in […]

Understanding Professional Impact of Quality Certification

Generally in education there are several parts to achieving a certificate or degree which may be broken down into levels or classes depending on the specific industry. When it comes to international quality standards the ISO 9000 series has two sections which address the fundamental principles and how an organization earns the certification (9001). It […]

ISO9001 Training

ISO 9001 Training Brings Growth and Success

With scores of companies having achieved ISO 9001 certification, it has become one of the most coveted management tools in existence. In fact, there are specialists who excel in helping organizations attain certification through ISO 9001 Training. They extend specially designed on-site training and procedure writing programs and ensure that your company receives consulting and other services […]

AS9100:2016, AS9100 Rev. D Revision - Helpful Hints to Prepare

AS9100:2016, AS9100 Rev. D REVISION

AEROSPACE STANDARD AS9100:2016, AS9100 Rev. D REVISION: There has just been some exciting news announced regarding the Aerospace Standard AS9100. Authorities have called for major renovation in order to keep it updated and aligned with the ISO 9001 standard. The reason for this is because the AS9100 has always been maintained according to the standards […]

ISO9001 2015 Major Changes

ISO9001 2015 Major Changes

Business and technology have undergone radical changes, geographical boundaries are insignificant, supply chains have increasingly gone complex and the information available has multiplied exponentially. In order to ensure that ISO 9001 continues to serve business community and maintain its relevance in the market place, the ISO9001 2015 Major Changes have been taken in order to […]

AS9100 Supply Chain Management

AS9100 Supply Chain Management

It can be a purchasing nightmare to find and keep the right supplies on hand, and also monitor the product that is being bought, as to its continued quality. One single batch with an imperfection can change quality of all future products and that can mean recalls and a bad name for a company. This is why AS9100 Supply Chain Management is important. The AS9100 says, “The […]

Documentation: Paper or Digital Form

Placing pen to paper, the ink pushes out on the page not unlike its rival, the computer, with the typing of the keys and the unending blinking of the cursor. Either means of communication is a method of documenting what happened or what is going to happen. A new documentary studied ( the initial run […]

ISO Revision?

The ISO standard has been around since 1987 and is republished with updates every seven years. The current update in process is to be released in 2015. There are many questions about the future of the ISO standard and what it means for each individual company. This article provides the information needed to stay in […]

What to Expect in the ISO 2015 Edition

One reaction may be that the quality manual is unnecessary. The ISO9001 2015 version does not make a company throw away what is working for them (the procedures and documents). The new standard might not have procedures, but still an auditor will require the proper documents to see if a company is ready for certification. […]

9001:2015 Timeline

The timeline for the implementation of ISO 9001: 2015 can answer many questions and concerns about the process and what to expect in the future. There are two phases in the release and implementation of the new standard. Phase One June 2013 Issue Committee Draft April 2014 Draft International Standard (DIS) October/November 2014 Final Draft […]

Process Approach in ISO 9001: 2015 Revision

The process approach is an essential to implementation of a quality management system. Click here for a video on the basics of the process aprroach. The 2008 revision placed the process approach in an elevated position, but the confusion with the process seemed to come in implementation due to the definition. The 2015 version will […]