AS9100 Rev. D Delayed

AS9100 2016 / AS9100 Rev. D Delayed

AS9100 2016 Delayed As you may already know the deadline for release has passed and the AS9100 2016 / AS9100 Rev. D delayed.  International Aerospace Quality Groups (IAQG) (See Presentation from IAQG) had hopes for all the AS91XX standards to be published throughout all of the world by April 2016.  The required training (online) for […]

AS9100:2016, AS9100 Rev. D Revision - Helpful Hints to Prepare

AS9100:2016, AS9100 Rev. D REVISION

AEROSPACE STANDARD AS9100:2016, AS9100 Rev. D REVISION: There has just been some exciting news announced regarding the Aerospace Standard AS9100. Authorities have called for major renovation in order to keep it updated and aligned with the ISO 9001 standard. The reason for this is because the AS9100 has always been maintained according to the standards […]

AS9100 Supply Chain Management

AS9100 Supply Chain Management

It can be a purchasing nightmare to find and keep the right supplies on hand, and also monitor the product that is being bought, as to its continued quality. One single batch with an imperfection can change quality of all future products and that can mean recalls and a bad name for a company. This is why AS9100 Supply Chain Management is important. The AS9100 says, “The […]