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What type of training does K&S offer?

K&S has many different topics that we can offer to improve your organizations performance.  A very common training that companies inquire about is our internal auditor training.  Internal audits are a requirement of your Management System, so this is a popular training for many organizations.  Another popular topic that we provide is General All Employee training on the ISO system.  This training is included in our Complete Consulting Package, but can be offered individually if you have a need to orientate employees on the requirements of the standard and help prepare you for your certification audit.  Some other training that we provide include Root Cause Analysis, Corrective Action, Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt Training.

What Document Format Does K&S use when providing documents to a client?

K&S Quality Associates use MICROSOFT OFFICE document formats.

What happens after we get certified?

After achieving certification, the company will be subjected to periodical surveillance audits, which can take place annually or every six months. By getting ISO certification companies commit to apply the standard of the implemented quality management system with the purpose of meeting customers’ expectations regarding quality and continually improve performance. Maintaining certification is not the responsibility of the Quality Manager or one individual within the organization, but a team effort.

How much time will we have to dedicate to implementing the system?

It depends on the size, the current status of a company’s quality management system and its commitment to improvement. After performing a preliminary review, a specialized consultant can evaluate the amount of time needed to achieve certification. However, ISO Certification proscessis considerably shortened with the help of an experienced professional who can assist you throughout the process. ISO Certification Process aims to improve product quality and company performance and involves the whole company, from top to bottom. Employees require training in order to be able to actively participate in implementing and improving the processes and procedures of the quality management system.

What value will the system bring to our company?

When considering the ISO certification process, one of the most common miss-perceptions encountered is that many companies may begin with the assumption that they don’t need a new system because they have been doing it their way forever and there is no reason to change things. Understanding the value of ISO Certification brought by a quality management system which complies with ISO standards is essential in overcoming this miss-perception. ISO certification is worth the time, effort and money as it improves productivity, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction, increasing a company’s reputation and profitability on a long term.

Is the system going to add additional work to our current responsibilities?

The purpose of a quality management system is to implement a set of procedures and processes, in compliance with a particular standard, which are meant to improve business operations, productivity, product quality and overall efficiency. Therefore, once implemented, the system is not going to get in the way of a company’s operations. During the certification process, the consultant can perform all the work and you do not have to participate; you can focus on your own system. A consultant specializing in ISO certification has the necessary  expertise to help you develop your QMS, can help you identify, plan, organize and document your processes, prevent and solve possible mistakes, as well as provide training and conduct internal audits. Professional assistance can accelerate the process of achieving certification significantly. However, it is important to understand the implications of the certification process and what certification entails

Why is it advisable to hire a professional consulting firm?

Many Companies plan to achieve ISO Certifications as a way to improve business operations and consolidate their market reputation by implementing effective Management Systems. Depending on the specific circumstances of each organization and the prerequisites of a particular standard, achieving ISO Certification may be a complex and time consuming process. That is why it is advisable to hire a professional consulting firm specializing in ISO Certification.

How long does the process take for us to get certified?

Most companies will usually take approximately 6 months. Many organizations think that they have to be working the system and keeping records for a year before the certification audit can be performed.  The certification is on the process, although you may not have a years worth of records the auditor is looking to verify that your process meets the requirements of the standard and your documented procedures.

Why should we become ISO Certified?

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