Internal Audit Services

K&S has a reputation in the industry for being the “Consulting and Audit Experts”.  With the thousands of clients we have assisted to initially achieve certification over the years, we have many loyal clients that look to us to help maintain their system and identify process improvements after the project is over.  Many organizations don’t realize that an “Internal Audit Process” does not have to be performed by the organization.  The internal audit process can be “Outsourced” to K&S Quality Associates.   This is something that is becoming more common with not only small organizations but large Fortune 500 companies too.  Organizations are realizing that because their internal auditors are not auditing everyday, the auditors that they have trained internally are not the most effective because of it being something that the perform maybe once or twice a year.  By outsourcing this process you are hiring professional auditors that audit everyday of the year, making one of your most important process for driving improvement more effective.  Audits should result in findings, if your internal auditors are not providing findings for your processes then it might be time to outsource the process.

Second (Supplier) Audit Service

Organizations are continuously trying to lower their overall risk with new suppliers and suppliers that may be having difficulty meeting requirements.  K&S can assist you to lower your risk by hiring our professional auditors to perform an on-site assessment with your suppliers to ensure that your suppliers are able to support the requirements of the contract with their existing capacity, technology and resources.