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K&S Quality Associates can assist organizations that are seeking to become certified to ISO27001. K&S Quality Associates can provide gap analysis/pre-assessments, internal audit service, on-site training, procedure writing, implementation/consulting and other services

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 defines how to organize information security in any kind of organization, profit or non-profit, private or state-owned, small or large. It is safe to say that this standard is the foundation of information security management.

ISO 27001 is for information security the same thing that ISO 9001 is for quality – it is a standard written by the world’s best experts in the field of information security and aims to provide a methodology for the implementation of information security in an organization. It also enables an organization to get certified, which means that an independent certification body has confirmed that information security has been implemented in the best possible way in the organization.


K&S Quality Associates can help your organization to become ISO 27001 certified with services like procedure writing, internal auditor training, on-site training, gap analysis, consulting and other services.

ISO/IEC 27001 is an investment in the company’s future. ISO 27001 is a “risk based” management system to help organizations plan, implement, and maintain a information security management system (ISMS). ISO 27001 assists organizations by providing a structured, proactive approach to information security by ensuring the right people, processes, procedures and technology are in place to protect information assets. ISO 27001  Minimizes possible harm to organizations caused by deliberate or accidental acts.

With the help of qualified QMS professionals in our organization, we are able to build and put into practice a Quality Management System that factor in all the aspects of your organization. You can be assured of the ISO 27001 certification after receiving our comprehensive services. K & S Quality Associates will work out a viable approach that is best suited for your organization to function in the most productive and effective manner.

Our services for organizations seeking ISO 27001 certification include –

  • Policy Manual prepared by seasoned experts in the field.
  • Providing Procedures Manual by the same or similar experts.
  • Assistance in writing Work Instructions.
  • On-site assistance for implementing the quality management system.
  • Gap Analysis
  • Internal Audits and Auditor Training

With such a comprehensive approach to ISO 27001 compliance and certification in place, it ensures that you select adequate and proportionate security controls which helps you protect information assets and  gives confidence to interested parties,
Our clients not only get the ISO 27001 certification, which is what they sought, but their profitability also increases by the enhanced efficiency of manufacturing and business operations security.