Is an ISO 9001 Important?

Organizations are constantly on the lookout for ways of improving operations around the workplace for better performance. Whether its cost cutting or the introduction of better risk management techniques, employers always love to see an improvement in their operations.

ISO 9001 is the global quality framework used by organizations in Quality Management Systems (QMS). It creates principles that can be used by organizations to ensure informed, focused, proven and scientific approach to management of daily business activities. A good quality management system enhances an organizations customer service as well as overall performance in different areas of service.

ISO 9001 is one of the most established worldwide quality frameworks with approximately 897,000 users currently in 170 countries globally. Clients trust “ISO 9001 Certified” organizations and are bound to buy goods and services from them.

Why ISO 9001 consultants?

Just like coaches and trainers, an ISO 9001 consultant advises companies on what is required of them in order to get the necessary certification that proves they have quality management systems. They train you as an employer on what you need to do to elevate your quality QMS standards to reach the level required by ISO 9001.

Consultants help you to get prepared and have your system ready. They identify quality gaps in your organization by conducting a gap analysis then proceed to teach you how to bridge and repair them. Some even go the extra step of doing the repair work for you. Throughout the process, you are advised, taught, guided and helped on how to ensure that you attain the various ISO 9001 requirements at all times. They are basically the internal audit experts you require before the external audits visit your organizations. Note however that a consultant neither awards ISO 9001 certificates nor conducts external audits.

Should I hire a consultant?

This is not a simple yes or no question. Lack of an ISO 9001 consultant does not necessarily spell doom for your organization. Some employers choose to use their skilled employees to do the job of consultants. Nonetheless, hiring a consultant has tremendous benefits that add great value to the well being of your organization.

A good ISO 9001 consultant saves you precious time and money. You can avoid unforeseen mistakes and get the system that not only gets the ISO certification your organization desperately needs but also get a QMS that suits you. More often than not, quacks who masquerade as qualified consultants do not do their job perfectly. They only do what they need to in order to obtain the certification.

Ultimately, the decision on whether to hire a consultant or not lies squarely on you because you know what is important for your organization. Is it worth it to spare a few hundred dollars and get the best experience and knowledge in ISO 9001 certification? Beware of fake consultants out there that hide under the title but cannot deliver effective and efficient service or do not have the qualifications such a lead certified auditors.

You cannot ignore the benefits of being “ISO 9001 certified” as an organization. It not only boosts performance but also attracts customers far and wide. People want quality goods and products and ISO 9001 is one of the ways to earn your clients’ trust and attract them to what you are offering.

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