ISO Revision?

The ISO standard has been around since 1987 and is republished with updates every seven years. The current update in process is to be released in 2015. There are many questions about the future of the ISO standard and what it means for each individual company. This article provides the information needed to stay in touch of what is specifically happening, where to go to follow the revision, and stay up on the news.

One of the best places to understand what is happening and when it is going to happening is here. If you would like to watch the video from the chair of the committee that is changing the standard here.

Why Revise the Standard

The video at 4:15, tells a little bit of why the standard needs to be changed. What has changed since the late 1990s? The dominancy of the computer and how to document with that medium is one of the major parts of revising the standard. The standard does not take into account organizations that are using cloud based software, but on the other hand the standard must not change so much to be only a digital format of documents (Documentation: Paper or Digital Form).

For an article that looks at the goals, terminology, and context of the new 2015 standard: here. In that article it is interesting as to the summary and benefit of changing the original document to meet new requirements.
One of the main reasons the standard changes in the first place is customer satisfaction. Customers could require changes to be made that the standard does not already have. Another reason the standard changes is because of market needs or requirements.  A really good video (even though it is rather long and needs to be scrubbed through) on why the revision is needed and what is changed look here.

Benefits of a Revision

The benefits are to make the standard reflect the world as it comes to outsourcing overseas and with that comes risk management.  The revision will still keep customers as a primary focus. The new terminology will not only be different but will be translatable into any language and still hold relatively the same concept in place. Words such as procedure, records, and product are going to change to have more understanding internationally. The standard will be more generic in its scope for more industries.

More Links

For a good source of an overview of the change, risk, risk based thinking, and the general draft information look here.

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