ISO17025 – Quality Associates

Testing and Calibration Requirements

K&S Quality Associates can assist organizations that are seeking to become certified to ISO17025. K&S Quality Associates can provide gap analysis/pre-assessments, internal audit service, on-site ISO 17025 training, procedure writing, implementation/consulting and other services


ISO 17025 is the standard for testing and calibration laboratories. The ISO 17025 is mainly focused on Management Requirements and Technical Requirements.. A company certified to ISO17025 ensures that a particular calibration and testing lab’s top management is committed to the successful implementation of the system and employees are technically competent and generate technically valid results. Complete training and advice is provided for the Management Requirements and Technical Requirements of this standard by K&S Quality Associates.


The Management Requirements for this standard emphasis on the responsibilities of senior management, and explicit requirements for continual improvement of the management system, and particularly, communication with the customer. The Technical Requirements are focused on the accuracy and reliability of the tests that are performed in the laboratory and eliminating the variability in their activities, so that consistent valid results are produced. The key to obtaining this certification is in the effectiveness of senior management, to successfully implement continuous improvement of the QMS and communication with the customer. K & S Quality Associates has successfully implemented and trained many organization on these necessary QMS requirements to successfully achieve ISO 17025 certification.


K&S can provide gap analysis, internal audits, on-site training, procedure writing, implementation/consulting and other services. Our aim is to work out the most feasible strategy for an organization in the most efficient and economical manner. The services provided by us to assist an organization achieve ISO 17025 certification include –

  • Counseling on forming a comprehensive Policy.
  • Streamlining of Technical and Business Procedures.
  • Work and Service Instruction Documentation.
  • Program documentation for meeting and improving your business.

The implementation of these policy and procedural instructions, aided by various documentations, for 90 to 120 days are enough for a testing or calibration laboratory to pass the certification audit. This is made possible because of the laboratories becoming technically competent, running an effective quality system and generating accurate and valid results. Many of our clients have benefited from these services and they invariably notice an improvement in productivity after the completion of our training, implementation and of course becoming ISO 17025 certified.